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Kids participate in various activities, including Kids Press Konferences where they ask their counselor questions.

Four weeks into the school year, and we are a few weeks away from Halloween. Crazy isn’t?

To be fair, a lot happened at the beginning, which caused the school year to begin a later than usual and for us to put our all-day care together in about six-hours! It was a tough feat but everyone was able to make it out of that week intact.

I’m going to be honest with ya’ll, it has been a few months since I have written anything and that was just a short scary story about teens finding and exploring an abandoned house, out in the middle nowhere…so bear with me as I start getting back into the habit of writing.

The plan is to start utilizing this medium more. What is going to be blogged about on here? I’m thinking counselor interviews, kid interviews, press releases on events/parties, summer camp, maybe even some advice on where to take your child for either summer camp or after-school care. You might be thinking that I can’t do that because it would be a conflict of interest. True. But at the end of the day, what really matters is that your child and you are at the right place because if we don’t meet the needs that you have, then neither of us will be happy and we can’t have that.

With that said, I’m going to finish this with a little bit about me.

My name is Jassiel. I have been working for St. Luke’s for about four years now. I have B.A. from the University of Houston in Print Journalism and a minor in Kinesiology.

Having no experience working with children Ms. Laura, the former director, took a chance and hired me . I helped create and implement various activities and schedules during last four years. Fast forward to today, and I currently hold the position of Assistant Director.

I love working here because the kids bring a lot of fun and adventure to life. There is something new that goes on everyday so there’s never a dull day.


Stay tune for more blogs.


P.S. Our annual Halloween party will be next Friday, October 27, 2017!





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