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At St. Luke’s Summer Camp, we strive to make sure our campers are always happy, active, and entertained! Some may wonder what makes our day camp unique, and we feel it is our commitment to not only providing the best quality child care but also to the kids themselves. It is a true testament when our campers don’t want to leave at the end of the day at pick up! Here, this happens on a daily basis and we are proud of it.

The positive and accepting environment that we create here provides the foundation for our camp. Kids are encouraged to be themselves and to form lasting friendships in a fun and safe atmosphere. Secondly, we take pride in the activities we plan for our campers. After serving the Houston community for over 50 years, we know our campers well and do our best to cater to their interests to provide them a variety of active, fun, and creative projects throughout the day. Often times they are also gaining new knowledge and skills without even realizing it!

In our next few posts we will highlight some of our favorite camp activities and events here at St. Luke’s

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