St. Luke’s After-School Care-Fun & Homework Done.

St. Luke’s After-School Care – Fall 2020

Coming off from running a successful summer camp and virtual school assistance program during the ongoing pandemic, we have decided to bring back After-School Care! We are taking every precaution to keep children, parents, and staff safe. These safety parameters include: daily temperature scans as soon as children arrive, daily cleaning of rooms and buses, overnight EPA-approved fogging, school-specific classroom and buses, bathrooms cleaned every 30 minutes, and group-designated bathrooms. We will be requiring everyone to wear a mask while on the bus or inside of the building.

We are committed to bringing the best service you are familiar with, as well adapting to all changes that may come. Due to the ongoing pandemic, at this point in time, we will be only picking up from the following schools:

  • West University
  • Poe/River Oaks
  • Mark Twain*
    • *Poe and River oaks will be the only two schools that will be sharing classroom and bus. Their numbers are low enough that we will be able give enough space to each child.

During this version of After-School Care, we will be providing homework help and fun activities like field games, rec games, Friday Movie Day, arts and crafts, time in our in-house arcade, and Blanton games.

Depending on the room size, our ratios will be 10:2. Each student’s desk has been spaced out every 45 square feet so they are not right next to each other. Children will be required to bring their own school supplies, which includes laptops, chargers, headphones, notebooks, writing utensils, etc.

For more information, you can call us at 713-402-5075.

COVID-19 Response

We are taking every precaution to keep all campers, families, and staff safe. This includes, daily temperature checks, hand-sanitizers in every room and buses, specific route times to avoid cross-contamination, assigned bathrooms for every group, bathrooms cleaned every 30 minutes, teacher cleaning and disinfecting protocols, and nightly deep cleaning and fogging with EPA approved disinfectant. As an added precaution, we are requiring that ALL children must wear a mask while indoors. Please remember that masks can be a bandana, neck sleeve/gaiter/buff, homemade masks, or any medical mask.

Monthly Tuition

Registration fee (non-refundable)
Flat rate $100

 Tuition (per child) 1st Child Sibling(s)
October (2 weeks)

November-December (monthy)






We will not be providing care for the following days:

October 21, 2020-Fall Holiday

November 23-27, 2020-Thanksgiving Break

December 21, 2020-January 1, 2021-Winter Break


Tuition must be paid in full at the time of registration.

*No students will be allowed to attend if accounts are not current


Dismissal is from 5:30 p.m.-6:00 p.m. Pick-up must done by 6 p.m. After 6:05 p.m. you will be charged $5 per minute that you are late.


If it becomes necessary to withdraw your child, the parent should inform an administrator in writing at least two weeks before end of the session.

Refund Policy

We will ONLY be issuing refunds in the event that we have to close due a decision made by the government or church leadership. We will continuously monitor any changes in legislature or COVID-19 cases. Please understand that this is a risk for everyone. By registering, you agree that you understand all of our guidelines, accept our refund policy, and will adhere to all of them.

*For information, please refer to the Info Portal on the left side of the page